Description Edit

The Warriors’ guild will have nothing to do with the teachings of magic, but are unmatched in brute fighting ability.  Being one of the quickest to learn how to Critically Hit their opponent, they are very good fighters and can use some of the best weapons found in the dungeon.

Requirement to join Edit

Guildmaster Quests Edit

Level Quest Reward Notes
18 Kill a Hiksae Gold?
30 Kill a Slave Driver Gloves of Strength 9, 36, 4
45 Kill a Nastrum Crystal Sword Floor 5
56 Return Statue of Ge'tuk Aard of Being 45, 5, 8
62 Kill a Goblin Guard 7500 Gold 26, 33, 6
75 Return Black Chain Mail Dungeon Pirate
84 Kill Dwarwen Lord Adamantite Shield 44, 22, 5
100 Kill Flame Dragon Conqurer 19, 13, 8
161 Guild Training Girdle of Giant Strength

* "Kill a Slave Driver": I need to look into this but at this location the first time around I failed utterly to capture them (I needed to restock confinement store). So I waited a bit for respawns in the room before it. I cast soul domination by mistake and capture four slaves. I decided to kick them out and suddenly I had three Slavers as companions.