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Shaky Hands
Ki'ushapo's Striker
Te-Waza of Self Infliction
Te-Waza of Infliction
Te-Waza of Pain
Te-Waza of Fire
Te-Waza of Ice
Te-Waza of Demise
Te-Waza of Speed
Te-Waza of Contamination
Te-Waza of Dissolution
Executing Te-Waza
Te-Waza of Crushing
Te-Waza of the Soul
Ninja Te-Waza
Assassin's Te-Waza
Te-Waza of Balance
Te-Waza of Retaliation
Bronze Dagger
Dagger of Stealth
Bone Dagger
Iron Dagger
Lethe Dagger
Blade of Sacrifice
Steel Dagger
Burning Blade
Dagger of the Bat
Adamanite Dagger
Poison Dagger
Dagger of She'tal
Mythinite Dagger
Dagger of Jagoni
Dagger of Ice
Shadow's Blade
Dagger of the Ne'tal
Dagger of Frost
Dagger of Wizardry
Drakul's Fang
Sabre Blade
Demon's Fang
Maec's Stiletto
Oriu's Blade
Isoaz's Enchanted Blade
Runic Dagger
Dragon's Fang
Blade of Souls
Cross of Redemption
Silver Cross
Cross of Clairvoyance
Cross of Light
Cross of Life
Cross of Domination
Defiled Cross
Cross of Fury
Cross of Hope
Cross of the Fallen
Cross of Requnix
Aurora's Cross
Bronze Sword
Sword of the Winds
Iron Sword
Backlash Sword
Thief Sword
Wicked Blade
Crystal Sword
Steel Sword
Orcish Blade
Kurath's Sword
Adamanite Sword
Burgens Blade
Cold Iron Blade
Mythinite Sword
Sword of Decapitation
Flaming Sword
Holy Sword
Murdering Blade
Toxic Rapier
Sword of Domination
Vorpal Blade
Blade Gerong
Zathro's Wrath
Engraved Blade
Irial's Blade
Iriul's Blade
Assassin's Blade
Blade of Elemental
Blade of the Moon
Blade of Elemental Lightning
Blade of Elemental Ice
Sword of Battle
Aloric's Claymore
Blade of Thunder
Roland's Blade
Angel Sword
Sword of Flames
Pine Staff
Oak Staff
Gordu Staff
Staff of Alton
Iron-shod Staff
Apprentice's Staff
Staff of Electrocution
Staff of Striking
Mythinite-shod Staff
Staff of Flaming Death
Staff of Chaos
Staff of Helarno
Runic Staff
Xarolith's Staff
Lich Bone Stave
Staff of Destruction
Dragon Staff
Bronze Mace
Teapot Mace
Mace of Kordul
Iron Mace
Steel Mace
Adamanite Mace
Mythinite Mace
Massive Mace
Mace of Dispelling
Erian's Smasher
Wanderer's Cudgel
Runed Mace
Warlord's Mace
Bronze Battle Axe
Axe of the Blackguard
Iron Battle Axe
Steel Battle Axe
Delvar's War Axe
Adamanite Battle Axe
Woodsman's Axe
Lead Axe
Axe of Infliction
Mythinite Battle Axe
Axe of Power
Ulosh's Rage
Axe of Agony
Axe of Darkness
Ancient Dwarven
War Axe of Sen
Iron Hammer
War Hammer
The Smasher
Blacksmith's Sledge
Lead Hammer
Landria's Hammer
Dwarven Hammer
Giant King's Maul
Hammer of Burning Fury
Hammer of the Earth
Hammer of O'landra
Leather Armor
Padded Leather Armor
Feather Leather Armor
Suede Leather Armor
Studded Leather Armor
Goblin Hide
Leathers of Asphyxiaton
Cuirboulli Armor
Plated Cuirboulli
Ulosh's Hides
Maec's Dark Covering
Xarolith's Leathers
Isoaz's Runic Leather
Oriu's Leather Suit
Erian's Protective Travel Suit
Ki'ushapo's Suit
Zathro's War Hide
Armor of Stealth
Drake Leather Armor
Magician's Armor
Darkagon's Moult
Bronze Chain Mail
Iron Chain Mail
Black Chain Mail
Steel Chain Mail
Adamanite Chain Mail
Burgens Chain Mail
Mythinite Chain Mail
Deathen Chain Mail
Bronze Plate Armor
Ulsik Plate Armor
Iron Plate Armor
Steel Plate Armor
Adamanite Plate Armor
Mythinite Plate Armor
Deathen Plate Armor
Battle Armor
Armor of Light
Wooden Shield
Bronze Shield
Iron Shield
Steel Shield
Lead Shield
Bladed Shield
Adamanite Shield
Shield of Defense
Mystic Shield
Mythinite Shield
Deathen Shield
Leather Cap
Padded Leather Cap
Cap of Defense
Magician's Cap
Cap of Visions
Thief's Cap
Cap of Protection
Cap of Death
Lamurian Crown
Copper Helm
Bronze Helmet
Iron Helmet
Steel Helmet
Helm of Blindness
Ethereal Helm
Adamanite Helm
Helm of Ish'taria
Helm of Vision
Paladin's Helm
Mythinite Helmet
Ninja's Hood
Magician's Helm
Helmet of Wisdom
Helmet of Power
Leather Gloves
Gloves of the Blackguard
Nugena Gloves
Gloves of Strength
Thief's Gloves
Master's Gloves
Gloves of Might
Gloves of Power
Gloves of Shimmering Death
Gloves of Death
Deathen Gloves
Lethal Gauntlets
Nugena Gauntlets
Gauntlets of Fumbling
Iron Gauntlets
Steel Gauntlets
Gauntlets of Might
Gauntlets of Power
Mythinite Gauntlets
Gauntlets of Slaying
Gauntlets of Burning
Cloth Cloak
Cloak of Night
Brown Cloak
Robe of Insight
Robe of Remorse
White Cloak
Cloak of Invisibility
Black Cloak
Cloak of the Snakes
Grey Cloak
Silver Cloak
Robe of Kings
Cloak of the Gods
Bronze Bracers
Iron Bracers
Steel Bracers
Twisted Bracers
Lead Bracers
Bracers of Strength
Elven Bracers
Bracers of Might
Bracers of War
Dorlan's Sash
Sash of Shades
Dragon Sash
Static Sash
Sash of Flames
Sarin's Sash
Leather Girdle
Old Belt
Girdle of Strength
Trolls Girdle
Girdle of Might
Girdle of Power
Girdle of Giant Strength
Girdle of Aggression
Leather Boots
Boots of Lethargy
Boots of Swiftness
Boots of Evading
Boots of Stealth
Boots of Levitation
Boots of Agility
Boots of Traveling
Magic Wellies
Ring of Power
Shimmering Ring
Ring of Despair
Ring of Brightness
Ring of Traps
Ring of Venom
Ring of Breathing
Ring of Protection
Ring of Levitation
Ring of Entry
Ring of Elven Magic
Ring of Disruption
Ring of Entrapment
Ring of Flames
Ring of Sundering
Ring of Souls
Ring of Fire
Ring of Unlocking
Ring of Healing
Ring of Frost
Ring of Ice
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Teleportation
Ring of Death
Ring of Myrrn
Ring of Revelation
Ring of Transportation
Ring of Nardun
Ring of Recuperation
Ring of Defending
Lamurian Ring
Ring of Wonder
Ring of Bedazzlement
Amulet of Projection
Amulet of Ultravision
Amulet of Life
Amulet of Flames
Amulet of the Drakul
Amulet of Health
Amulet of Infravision
Artisan's Amulet
Warrior's Amulet
Amulet of Deceit
Amulet of Dragons
Warlock's Amulet
Lamurian Amulet
Amulet of the Elements
Amulet of Jenal
Potion of Intelligence
Potion of Leadership
Potion of Insight
Potion of Might
Potion of Fitness
Potion of Agility
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Sight
Mystic Potion
Dragon's Water
Salve of Health
Potion of Curing
Potion of Healing
Potion of Flight
Potion of Movement
Potion of Netamu
Potion of Nevamu
Potion of Nesamu
Potion of Negamu
Potion of Nemamu
Potion of Youth
Potion of Frogs
Aard of Being
Elixir of Restoration
Elixir of Fate
Blood of Ages
Elven Wine
Scroll of Spells
Scroll of Negrun
Scroll of Sumsae
Scroll of Ketran
Scroll of Nimeon
Scroll of Hathron
Scroll of Gorron
Scroll of Kanji
Scroll of Mallart
Scroll of Norgus
Scroll of Nantasu
Scroll of Control
Scroll of She'tal
Scroll of Identification
Scroll of Summoning
Tome of Insight
Tome of Endurance
Tome of Might
Tome of Learning
Tome of Agility
Tome of Leadership
Tome of Lies
Tome of Binding
Tome of Detachment
Tome of Spells
Dust of Healing
Dust of Locating
Dust of Life
Dust of Opening
Magical Dust
Glyph of Morkal
Crystal of Healing
Crystal of Mysticism
Gem of Venom
Crystal of Chaos
Gem of Healing
Crystal of Fire
Crystal of Frost
Crystal of Control
Gem of Restoration
Crystal of Flesh
Gem of Putrefaction
Rod of Entrapment
Rod of Passage
Rod of Flames
Rod of Healing
Rod of Freezing
Rod of Power
Rod of Hardness
Rod of Locating
Rod of Lightning
Rod of Darkness
Rod of Binding
Rod of Ultimate Power
Rod of Secret Places
Rod of Mapping
Lamurian Shock Lance
Stone of Jenal
Glowing Rock
Scarab of Protection
Flame Stone
Scarab of Pain
Mythinite Ore
Scarab of Defense
Pure Mythinite
Scarab of Life
Bells of Kwalish
Sphere of Seeking
Orb of Life Domination
Sphere of Dislocation
Sphere of Doom
Sphere of Flames
Sphere of Frost
Sphere of Harm
Sphere of Healing
Sphere of Rulership
Sphere of Thunder
Crystal Ball
Cube of Spectres
Lightning Cube
Cube of Teleporting
Cube of Restoration
Cube of Spirits
Cube of Bolts
Cube of Portals
Cube of Rejuvenation
Cube of Freezing
Cube of Flames
Cube of Draining
Cube of Death
Cube of Domination
Cube of Bitter Cold
Cube of Eternal Fire
Cube of Degradation
Cube of Demise
Cube of Dominance
Cube of Souls (Cursed)
Key of Opening
Dalyn's Smile
Unicorn Horn
Slaver's Whip
Dalyn's Grin
Mordin Glyph
Dalyn's Laugh
Erik's +1 Crayons
Skeleton Key
Dalyn's Tear
Dalyn's Groan
Dalyn's Last Laugh
Orb of DragonKind
Journeyman's Key
Statue of Ge'tuk
Holy Beads
Explorer's Guild Floor Plans
Paladin's Guild Blueprints
Ancient Scroll of Discovery
Thief's Chest 41, 33, 7
Giant Badger Skull 39, 30, 6
Sacred Scroll of the Magi
Sacred Scroll of the Wizardry 38, 39, 2
Remains of Patrak
Holy Cross of Enlightenment 41, 1, 4
Swamp Key
Mengu Bone
Parchment of Victims
Diamond of Gernali
Goblin Lord's Head
Lead Murderer's Head
Medusa's Head
Hellflower Stamens
Ball and Chain
Ant Eggs
Pair of Dice
Tim's Lead Weights
Dalyn's Smirk
Red Flag
Derf's Toe Lint
Blessing of Morash
Curse of Morash
GoG Pass
Nondescript Key
Crest of the Artisan
Crest of the Warrior
Crest of the Paladin
Crest of the Ninja
Crest of the Villain
Crest of the Explorer
Crest of the Thief
Crest of the Barbarian
Crest of the Magi
Crest of the Sorcerer
Crest of the Warlock
Crest of the Cleric
Crest of GoG
Treatise of Darkness
Treatise of Draining
Treatise of Withering
Libram of Hidden Places
Treatise of Shattering Spirits
Treatise of Silence
Treatise of Neurosis
Treatise of Healing
Libram of Magic
Codex of Foreknowledge
Codex of the Mind
Codex of Electricity
Codex of the Elements
Codex of Magical Locks
Libram of Acid
Treatise of Displacement
Codex of Fury
Codex of Discharging
Codex of Fatality
Codex of Dragonkind
Codex of Life
Codex of Restoration
Treatise of Spiritlessness
Treatise of Mucus
Treatise of Transportation
Codex of Freezing
Codex of Stoning
Codex of Dessertion
Codex of Demons
Codex of Devils
Codex of Bipeds
Codex of Curing
Codex of Revival
Codex of Healing
Codex of Levitation
Codex of Abolishment
Codex of Youth
Codex of Illusion
Codex of Enemies
Codex of Protection
Treatise of Dark Power
Codex of the Dead
Treatise of Hell
Codex of Flames
Codex of Darkness
Codex of Kings
Treatise of Death Drain
Treatise of Ripping Death
Treatise of Restoration
Grimoire of Manipulation
Grimoire of Striking
Grimoire of Artifacts
Treatise of Soul Withering
Treatise of Teleportation
Grimoire of Incineration
Grimoire of Deathly Chills
Grimoire of Doom
Grimoire of Death
Grimoire of Paralyzation
Grimoire of Souls
Grimoire of Domination
Grimoire of Light
Grimoire of Transportation
Grimoire of Portals
Grimoire of Looting
Treatise of Domination
Treatise of Annihilation
Grimoire of Mortality
Grimoire of Retrieval
Treatise of Souls
Grimoire of Imprisonment
Grimoire of Inclement Weather
Grimoire of Climate Control
The Book of Closure