A10/D55 [3] Ban-Hammer (Not) Temp 1
Stats: 5[6] 7[8] 9[10] 11[12] 13[14] 15[16] Temp 2
One-handed, 9-swings
Casts "Wither Soul" at the casters Spell Level
1 1 25
Bonus to creature type damage. Temp 6
Resistances: Fi:10% Co:20% El:30% Mi:40%
Di:50% Po:60% Ma:70% St:80%
Pa:90% Dr:95% Ac:97%
Ninja are known to use Tr-Waza, magical powders that cover the hands and permit greater damage and more frequent attacks. The Te-Waza powder can be removed and is stored in small bags when not needed. A Ninja using Te-Waza instantly recognizable by the dued hands, the colour  revealing the type of Te-Waza being used. White Te-Waza powder is a popular weapon for a Ninja. While not the most dangerous of weapons, the ability to strike twice in a single combat round is a great advantage.