Unlockable spells Edit

Name Unlocked Found on floor Guilds
Dominate Demon Codex of Demons 16 Magi
(Sorc) Resist Magic Libram of Magic Explorer, Sorcerer, Warlock, Cleric
Map Area Codex of Foreknowledge 16 Explorer, Warlock
Word of Death Grimoire of Death 24 Warlock, Cleric
Soul Domination Grimoire of Souls 24 Magi
Silence Soul Treatise of Silence 7, 24 Magi, Sorcerer, Warlock
Morkal Heal Treatise of Healing 11 Villan, Magi, Cleric
Mass Sight Veil Codex of Illusion 25 Sorcerer
Striking Grimoire of Striking 26 Sorcerer
Life Drain Treatise of Draining ? Sorcerer, Warlock, Cleric
Shatter Spirit Treatise of Shattering Spirits ? Sorcerer, Warlock, Cleric
Withering Force Treatise of Withering 6 Villan, Sorcerer
Mass Protection Codex of Protection 25 Sorcerer
Electrical Discharge Codex of Discharging 25 Sorcerer
Treatise of Teleportation 25 Explorer, Warlock
Morkal Restoration Treatise of Restoration 27 Villan, Magi, Cleric
Stone to Flesh Codex of Revival 27 Cleric
Dominate Undead Codex of the Dead 27 Magi
Domination Grimoire of Domination 27 Magi
Sphere of Flames Codex of Flames 27 Sorcerer
Wither Soul Treatise of Soul Withering 27 Villan, Sorcerer
(Sorc) Destroy Spirit Treatise of Spiritlessness 25 Magi, Sorcerer, Warlock
Death Drain Treatise of Death Drain 25 Sorcerer, Warlock, Cleric
Open Mystical Portal Grimoire of Portals 21, 28 Explorer, Warlock
Striking Flame Codex of Fury 25 Sorcerer
Hail Storm Codex of Freezing 25 Sorcerer
Life Domination Grimoire of Imprisonment 29 Magi
Burning Air Grimoire of Incineration 29 Sorcerer
Arctic Blizzard Grimmoire of Inclement Weather 29 Sorcerer
Electric Field Grimoire of Manipulation 28 Sorcerer
Paralyzing Death Grimoire of Paralyzation 28 Villan, Sorcerer
Arctic Storm Grimoire of Deathly Chills 28 Sorcerer
Resurrect Grimoire of Light 28 Cleric
Terminate Existance Treatise of Annihilation 28 Magi, Sorcerer, Warlock
Retrieve Soul Grimoire of Retrieval 28 Magi, Explorer
Dispell Magical Lock Codex of Magical Locks 28 Thief
Detect Distant Rock Libram of Hidden Places 28 Explorer, Magi, Warlock
Dominate Devil Codex of Devils 31 Magi
Neurosis Treatise of Neurosis 7 Villan, Sorcerer

* Should be noted these are not set locations. It's just where I have found them. Not to mention it could be completely random. But recording it just in case anyway as it will fill in the unlockable spells.