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Ninjas are quite often referred to as Dark Assassins and can use almost all weapons, including their hands. Ninjas are also the only guild that can use the advanced Te-Waza hand fighting techniques that are rumored to exist in the form of magical items. Since a Ninja desires quickness, they are very specific about the items they use: Ninjas are not allowed to wear most types of armor and other heavy items. Ninjas posses the skills of Critically Hitting and Backstabbing their opponents, along with moderate thieving skills.

Requirement to join Edit

Guildmaster Quests Edit

Level Quest Reward Notes
19? Kill an Outcast
29 Retrieve Explorer's Guild Plan Aard of Being 10, 41, 3
40 Return a Disciple Gold?
48 Kill Dark Giant Steel Dagger
60 Retrieve Te-waza of Self Infliction Boots of Evading
75 Return a Daemon 9000 Gold
88 Return Aard of Being Silver Dragon
100 Return Ravager
177 Guild training Boots of Agility